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      YC-6060-6B 雙冷雙熱后踵定型機/全..

          Specialty:1.On the use of airbag module,eliminating the need for mode from time to time,aslong as the order depending on type of shoe mold. 2.Controller design may be the program order of precise movements,the effect of making the perfect shape after the heel. 3.Filling the balloon deflated,with a series of pneumatic valves to control the PLC;Vacuum Shrink devices,So that the balloon was deflated to maintain the maximum absorption to the expansion of working space,willnot result inshoes Friction,Airbag and a special material,with the protection of leather made of the effect can be pritty hit. 4.May choose to hit after the inflatable balloon time. 5.The work lights for the selection of pieces,exceptfor lighting,can help to obtain accurate positioning of vamps. 6.Cooling mode in the same framework to facilitate workers to operate and improve efficiency. 7.After visualization with amirror,upper position to facilitate accurate positioning.

      Technical parameters
      Model YC-6060-6B Mechanical sizes L150xW90xH205cm
      Work pressure Daily output
      Meat output 419kg Power
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